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Back from Russia

Once again, the trip was very delightful experience and gave me more than what I gave to the people in Skuoritsa. I'm waiting for summer so that I and Emmi can go to volunteer there. I really can't find the words to express what I'm feeling right now. I guess it's just happiness. I'll post some pictures later.

I guess I'm a bad person then...

Now that I'm trying to find a new home to Eko, people go all "Once your cute puppy grew up and started to act like a teen you're ready to give it up without trying" and things like that. GOSH! Like I haven't tried. We've sprayed places with lemon and tried all the other stuff but nothing works. I guess I thought that I'm the kind of girl from all the books I used to read when I was a kid. The one who saves animals and gets everything to work perfectly. You know, the one who has good control over all the animals around her and not one of them is disobedient. Well, I'm not that girl. I guess I've failed. I just hate it that now that I've recognised this and I'm ready to give Eko to a better place, people tell that I'm neglecting him. I guess that I'm just a bad bad BAD person.



The damn dog ate a hole in the wall. I think it's time for him to move someplace else... This can't go on.

In other news...

I'm going to a camp tomorrow. I'll be there for the whole weekend, which is just great. I need a break from my normal life with school and that little four-legged terrorist :D I also get to meet my comrades ^-^  and eat delicious vegan food <3
Not much has happened during these six weeks I haven't written here. I still don't have a pair for the dance, neither do I have the dress. But hey, I'm moving to my own apartment some time next month :) I'm just basicly superhappy about this because I'll finally gain some independence. I almost wrote independance but then I remember the old saying "There's no dance in independence."
This entry is going to be short because I don't have much to tell you. Maybe I'll start posting pictures of food or something, you know, to fill my blog a bit :)



I've got a crisis with my wintershoes. I've decided to survive with my old combat boots until I get enough money to buy the insoles and then I'll just wait for the boots to break down under heavy use :D
I failed my mathematics test. I got 6 points from the whole test, when you need atleast 12 to pass. Well, one of my friends got 3 points... I just have to retake it next week.
I've had this week off from school. Basicly I've just been walking in the woods with my dog, sleeping when possible and doing some work for the elections. Municipal elections are coming and I have to work really hard to get through. On Friday I'm leaving to Tampere. My friend is going to do my hair (yay! for dreadlocks), we'll also attend the night of the homeless, to volunteer at a soup kitchen I guess. Something like that. If we have time we'll go clubbing.
I've started to find the Zen of dogwalking :D Or maybe Eko has just started to behave better and I don't have to be all "No! NO! Don't! Come back! Don't do this and don't do that!" to him all the time. It's just so nice walking in the woods with him running around unleashed and just watch him run. He's so full of energy when we leave, and when we come back he's all exhausted, which is just fine to me, because when he goes to sleep I get to do all the stuff I should be doing, but can't because he's such an attentionwhore. I mean if he knows that I'm home and awake he keeps whining for me to come play with him, when I REALLY should be cleaning my room. I'm sure something will start burning if I don't clean it soon. There's so much dust everywhere, especially around the computer, and most of my stuff is just all around the floor. I haven't had much time to do any actual cleaning because at the moment my room is just my base where I sleep, check my e-mail, write some blogs and chat and then I'm off to work for the elections or something else, like guitar lessons. GOSH! I haven't even had the time to practise my playing. I have to find time for that tomorrow!

Winter shoe crisis!

I noticed that my old combat boots that I had bought few years ago (which is way before I went vegan) make my feet hurt. I don't want to wear them because of that. It's a shame though because they're good as new and cost me about 100€ when they were new :( I'll be loosing shitload of money. I don't have those orthopedic insoles made by a physiotherapist, I've just been counting on my trusty El Naturalista insoles that I got with my shoes (also bought before I went vegan) and they've done a great job. But now that winter is coming I can't wear these shoes for the whole season, because of the snow. I'd like to get better ones. More like boots. I'd like to get new pair of El Naturalistas, because they use enviromentally sustainable traditional methods including recyclable materials (like recycled rubber as soles) and support many charities and only use union workers. The BUT with these shoes is that they have leather on them. Each and every pair. They'd be perfect otherwise. They correct the position of my foot so that my knees go closer to the position they should be in (I have an inborn condition with my feet that should have been corrected when I was little but my parents didn't have money for that [and I was lazy to do any of the exercises I was given by the physiotherapist)] the only problem here is the leather ;_;
If anyone could help me to find nice good vegan shoes for the winter it would be great. My size is 9 in US/UK sizes in european sizes that's 40.


Can you remember how mathematics used to be so easy when you were on 1st grade. You got full points if you knew to colour five puppies red and three green and you know how many flowers there were in the picture. You were also allowed to colour them and if you coloured them really pretty you got a little flower from the teacher [(s)he drew it with red marking pen] Now that you're in senior high you have to do derivatives, parabolas and all those other things you just don't understand. When did it all get so hard?
I'd much rather still colour pretty flowers instead of making second order equasions.  Mathematics is just something that I can't cope with. I always merely pass the test and my activity in class is close to zero, because I don't have a clue about what's going on... I know it's partly my own fault, because when I notice that I'm not good at something I tend to give up easily.
From maths to municipal elections. I have to start making those leaflets. Now that we got our numbers (mine is 79) I have the perfect opportunity to start telling people that "Hey! I'm here and I'll change this town!" 'cause that's what I want. I've got some plans for how to change school lunch to be better and healthier, and also how to save some money without ruining the food. I'd also like to make our city a Fair Trade city, which is going to take some effort and serious lobbying if I get in. But as you can see, I have some serious plans.

church & state

Should church and state always be separate? Why or why not? What should the nature of their relationship be?
Yes. They should be separate. As a person who lives in a country with state church I know the problems it gives to you and your everyday life. Even though Finland doesn't have things like flag oaths or anything like that, church brings compulsory teaching of lutheran religion into our schools. If you're member of the state church you have to attend those classes and you can't get away from them. If your parent/legal guardian resigns from church and decides that you'll get to resign with them then you get transfered to ethics.
Television keeps showing sermons, especially on Easter, Christmas and other christian holidays. Religion comes from every media and the president of Finland has to be member of the state church. YES. Our president had to join back to Finnish lutheran church when she got elected.

I think the nature of their relationship should be very mild. They'd both have their own administration that has nothing to do with the other. Schools would teach ethics or nothing like that all. Removing religious studies from our schools would give more room to crafts, physical education or music. Theologs would study in their own schools that would be supported by church, instead of state universities. There'd be nomore taxes paid to church.
I think the people who'd actually believe in the things that church stands for would stick to their church, when those who only go to church because of community pressure or as a habit would find better use for their time.


Today has been great. I went to a long walk with my dog Eko. We walked along this small trail in a forest nearby. It was so beautiful out there, but unfortunately I had forgotten my glasses home so I didn't get too see 100% of all the beautiful colours of the season. Anyway, it was just awesome to be outside and smell the scent that the air has when leaves have started to fall and the ground is a bit wet. Eko enjoyed so much to just walk around and sniff the moss and it was funny how every time we crossed a ditch along these small bridges someone had built, he always had to stop and start watching to the ditch under the bridge, it was like he would have said "We're really high above that, right?"
It really gets you thinking how much you appreciate the things your town has to offer, even though my town is small, only a bit above 20000 residents and there are still trails like this that go from your backyard to the deep forest. The view was also unbelievable, from some parts you could see the lake and the small islands. Next time I go there I'll take my glasses, a camera and pack a nice lunch with me.

Writer's Block: Being Green

Today in 1971, Greenpeace was founded. How are you helping to keep your section of Earth green these days?
I went vegan, which, I have to say, is one of the best decisions I have made for the longest time. Really. Though I still get the worse food school can offer and my dad keeps telling me how I'm just adding obstacles on my way, I'm still really happy about this choice. I've learnt to cook, I was an awful cook back in the day. I could barely cook eggs and mostly ate mircowavable food, but now I cook most of my meals from the start and I've really learnt to appreciate slow food. 
I also bike to school and back every day. In winter time I walk if the temperature is above -20C, if below, then I take a bus.
I buy most of my clothes as used, from flea markets and jumble sales. If I buy new clothes I try to get them in fair trade cotton or in other enviromentally good form. I'm still using my 3(?) years old No Sweat chucks, even though the right one is about to fall apart. Maybe I'll fix it with some ducktape.
I'm a member of Friends of the Earth, Animalia and Left Youth of Finland, which all do their fair share of work for the enviroment.


Voi hajotus! Viritän ensimmäistä kertaa elämässäni kitaraa ja voin sanoa että se on paskamaista duunia >:D Oikeesti. E:n ja A:n sain vielä suht helposti verrattuna D:hen jonka kanssa taistelun jälkeen päätin pitää "pienen" tauon koko hommasta. Kukaan ei kyllä koskaan oo varottanu siitä miten kauheen vitutuksen kitaran virittämisellä saa aikaan :D
Pakko se vaan on kuitenki opetella <: En tahdo olla myöhemmin sellanen "voisko joku virittää tään mulle hihihi.." vaan kyllä se pitää itse osata >:l
Meinasin muuten eilen saada sydänkohtauksen kun kävin ostamassa tuon viritysmittarin. Se tyyppi siellä musiikkiliikkeessä kysy että oonko aiemmin virittäny kitaraa ja sanoin että en, niin hän sitten sano että näyttää sen perusidean siitä. Sinne oli just tullu uusia kitaroita (ja varmaan muitaki soittimia) kun oli semmosia kitaranmallisia pahvilootia siellä. Niin tää aukasee yhden ja kaivaa sieltä melkeen samanlaisen kitaran ku mitä Melissa Etheridge soittaa. Muoto hieman erilainen mutta väri ja muu kuviointi täysin sama, niin ja juu, siinä kitarassa oli vaan kuus kieltä. Menin ihan lukkoon ja kysyin vaan että "Tuota minkä mallinen tuo on" no Adamashan se. Nyt alkaa säästötoimenpiteet sen kitaran hankkimiseen :D Ok, eihän se ole sama asia mutta hyvin lähellä, ja se on oikeasti kaunis kitara. Kopio alkuperäsestä Adamasin mallista eli hieman huokeampi hintakin. 265€ jos oikein muistan. Alkuperäinen on $2099, tarkistin internetistä. Ostan sellasen sitten kun oon rikas ja kuuluisa :D